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We are proudly announce that Tanimatsuya Toda has published a catalogue "Koyô - Medieval Ceramics of Japan" .

In the postwar period, medieval pottery began to appear on the market, excavations of old kiln sites have led to further research, and the existence of more than 80 medieval kilns, including rokkoyô, literally Six Ancient Kilns, has become known. The vessels produced at these kilns in various regions represent the natural environment of Japan itself, and cannot be overlooked as the foundation of Momoyama ceramics, or from the aspect of exchange with the continent.

The mindless modeling by the artisans of the time and the beauty of the natural glaze produced by kiln modification in medieval jars are also relevant to contemporary aesthetic sensibilities. 

This book contains photographs of fascinating 23 pots fired at nine ancient kilns.

This book also features a contribution from Dr. Sol Jung, an up-and-coming assistant curator of Japanese Art at National Museum of Asian Art, Smithsonian Institution. 

We hope to share with you the fascination of Japanese medieval ceramics, which have exceptional aesthetic value in the history of ceramics in the world.

Koyô - Medieval Ceramics of Japan

Koyô - Medieval Ceramics of Japan

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Publisher Toda Shoten Co.,Ltd.
Date of issue 1st October, 2023
Size A4 variation, 96 pages
Language Japanese, English
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