ONKOCHISHIN〜developing new ideas based on study of the past
TANIMATSUYA TODA SHOTEN has been a tea ceremony utensil merchant since the middle of the Edo period. The shop became a supplier to Matsudaira Fumai, lord of the Matsue domain in Izumo Province, a renowned tea master and art collector, and most currently to Denzaburo Fujita and Rokou Hirase, two of the most prominent tea ceremony donors of the modern era.

In keeping with the saying "Learn the old and know the new," there are many artists today who meticulously study old ceramics and crafts to create new expressions.

TANIMATSUYA TODA SHOTEN mainly deals in Momoyama period (16-17th century)tea ceremony utensils, but "TANIMATSUYA TODA Online" features not only old utensils but also works by contemporary artists who are strive to create art that contends with the classics. We hope to serve as a bridge between antiques and modern art, and to convey the spirit of craftsmanship and the appeal of tea ceremony utensils that have remained unchanged over the ages.

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