Collection: Masahiko Ichino

Masahiko Ichino

Masahiko Ichino is a potter working in Tamba, one of the six oldest kilns in Japan.

From objects and tea bowls to everyday vessels, his work is characterized by a primitive and free style that makes the most of the charm of Tamba pottery and its rich history.

1961: Born in Sasayama, Tanba, Hyogo Prefecture
1981: Graduated from Saga Art Junior College, Department of Ceramic Art, studied under Masayuki Imai and his father, Shinsui I
1995: Grand Prize, Prince Chichibu Cup, Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition
1999: Awarded the Ceramic Society of Japan Prize.
2011: Awarded the Hyogo Prefecture Culture Prize.
Held solo and group exhibitions in various locations.

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2022: "Ceramics for the Future: The Power of Traditional Crafts" (National Crafts Gallery)
2021: "Modern Crafts and Tea Ceremony Utensils: The Seasonal Arrangements" (National Crafts Museum)
2020: The Art of Craft: Materials, Techniques, and Climate (National Crafts Museum)
2017: "Tea Ceramics Today - 2018 Hagi" (Yamaguchi Prefectural Hagi Art Museum, Urakami Memorial Hall)
2016: "Utsuro no katachi: Masahiko Ichino Ceramics Exhibition UTSUWA," Paramita Museum, Mie, Japan
2015: "Masahiko Ichino - Tracks in Tamba," The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo