Collection: Reiji Omori

Reiji Omori

A pottery artist based out of Bizen. Fascinated by Momoyama tea ceremony ceramics, he has devoted himself to making tea bowls in Shino, Setoguro, and other styles in addition to that of Bizen. He continues to challenge himself to reproduce the dynamic world of traditional pottery.

1969: Born in Tobe-cho, Iyo-gun, Ehime Prefecture
1988: Completed Aichi Prefectural College of Ceramics
1994: Studied in Iga, Mie Prefecture and Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture
1999: Fascinated by Bizen ware, came to Bizen
2000: Built a studio and anagama kiln in Kanpu, Ushimado Town
2004: First firing at his own kiln. Since then, he has regularly held solo exhibitions in various locations.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2023: Hankyu Department Store Umeda (Osaka), Nomura Art Museum (Kyoto)
2022: Gallery Bunkindo (Gifu), Nomura Art Museum (Kyoto)
2021: Hankyu Umeda Department Store (Osaka), Kondo Antique Art (Kyoto), Nomura Art Museum (Kyoto)
2020: Gallery Hishikino (Tokyo), Gallery MUGEN-AN (Tokyo)