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The painting lightly depicts a moment of serenity as the reeds and water's surface gently sway in the breeze. It is accompanied by the caption, "Maitreya appears before all people in a multitude of forms, illuminating everything in the world like pure moonlight.


Originally, reeds are plants that grow in clusters and represent autumn, but Takuan seems to have depicted them as symbolic scenery that transcends the seasons. This quiet yet grandiose paint draws one into Takuan's world from the moment it is placed on the floor.


Illustrated "Water and Moon" by Takuan Sōhō

Illustrated "Water and Moon" by Takuan Sōhō

沢庵 宗彭

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Size Image(8.5 x 85cm) , Overall (40.5 x157cm)
Artist 沢庵 宗彭
Material Hanging scroll, ink on paper
Introduction Formerly in the collection of Ariga Family and Fujita Family
Period Early Edo Period (17th century)
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